Thursday, May 22, 2008

Development Tracker

I'm not sure if this will continue, but I like the idea of using this blog to track various development projects around town. Over time it would be neat to build a repository of information. Typically, something will catch my eye, and I'll later go back and do more research - ask around to see what folks know, look into public records for sales, zoning, etc. I'm going to try and keep track of these efforts, of which a decent amount will simply be logging news articles.

So, today I have three projects on my docket:
  • I have noticed that the townhouse portion of the U-Rescue Villa public housing project next to Crosby Spears Tower on North Avenue is being demolished. The only information I can find are a number of articles about the demolition. Lane Company manages the property, and a call over to the leasing office didn't glean any more information than I already had. No idea what Lane or the city plans to replace the townhouses with, or even if Lane will be involved in the development. This one might require some digging.

  • Habitat for Humanity is doing its first townhouse project, in two phases on a site in Sylvan Hills. I will need to do a little research to find the site, and will post an update when I do. I have an odd compulsion to know these things...

  • GM has teamed up with CB Richard Ellis to market the Doraville plant it will soon close. CBRE has set up a website to help market the site to developers, which the ABC suggests will include the usual suspects ("Cousins, Jacoby, Carter, and possibly Duke Realty Corp."). The website has a host of resource links, including a link to the Georgia Tech planning studio conducted a year-and-a-half ago that I have yet to read through.
The reality is that I am not going to have time to go back and research everything I want to. I am too busy with my real life. But hopefully I can use this blog as an inspiration to keep up to date on things. I should probably start a Google map tracker, too... I have a sneaky suspicion that this blog will quickly develop a hefty list of to-do items.

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