Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I respectfully disagree...

The AJC's Jim Galloway reports that in anticipation of upcoming City Council theatrics, Lisa Borders is asking City Council members to play nice during budget hearings. She specifically reminds Council members:
The City Council sits as the representatives of our constituents, and we do them no service when we replace thoughtful inquiry with hostility or probing analysis with ad hominem attack. We owe our citizens more.
I don't know that I agree with that line of thought - as my representative, I want my Councilwoman to be hostile. I've defended the City and the Mayor on numerous occasions, and frankly I'm pretty pissed about a whole host of issues. I feel betrayed - after all, this was the administration that was supposed to at least be competent. Instead, I'm stuck with the, "Well, she's better than Campbell" line - and I still generally like the Mayor. There just isn't a whole lot to work with right now from her administration.

I'm think getting a little hostile is a good way for my Councilwoman to make sure the administration knows just how pissed off their constituents are. Of course, ad hominem attacks don't serve anyone, and a public dressing down does not require insults. In fact, I think the best part about public shaming of this sort is the opportunity to show how much smarter you are by being extra polite and courteous. That way the person you are dressing down may not realize you called them an idiot until much later, and it'll sting that much more.

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