Friday, May 23, 2008

Stupid Ideas - New library

A new library on Centennial Olympic Park is stupid. All those tourists at the park aren't going to go to a library. What a waste of prime real estate - let's take an area of the city with massive potential for private development, and spend taxpayer money to build something that won't attract any other development or economic impact. And let's take it off the tax rolls, too.

Centennial Park is a gold mine for the city in terms of property taxes and economic development potential. I think the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the College Hall of Fame were stupid ideas, too. If and when downtown ever becomes a truly vibrant part of Atlanta again, the biggest and best stuff will be around Centennial Park. It should be reserved for mixed-use, high rise developments, not a politician's attempt to get attention for his next mayoral run.

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  1. proving one again why the fulton county board is one of the worst governmental bodies ever...

    how does rob pitts keep getting elected?


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