Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend round-up

A collection of links from the past week that I haven't had a chance to comment much on:
  • Thomas Wheatley reports on the BeltLine's financial situation. Steller reporting, as always. Thomas is about the only reason worth reading the Loaf these days - the rest of the stuff is pretty much old hat. "So, let me get this right - Democrats and Republicans both suck? My, what a courageous little paper! How alternative!"
  • Some political leadership on high-speed rails from the DLC. An example of how high gas prices are good for us. Take your medicine... h/t: Yglesias
  • A nice graph showing how demand for driving has stalled out because of high gas prices.
  • I discovered Google SketchUp this week and wasted a few hours drawing up 3D plans for first floor of the house. It is way too addictive for this real estate junkie.
  • A week and a half ago Maria Saporta highlighted some Midtown buildings in need of historic preservation. While I'm sometimes conflicted about what should qualify as historic, the Crum & Foster Building strikes me as obviously worth saving.
I'm in Ann Arbor, MI for a wedding as we speak - today's posts were written yesterday for future publishing. I'm taking the camera, and have left Sunday free to reminisce and take pictures of town. This is the first time back since I graduated, and on the to-do list so far:
  • Blimpy Burger. Quad, American cheese, grilled onions, grilled banana peppers, kaiser roll. Coronary. Worth it.
  • I plan on studying in the Graduate Library reading room, which became my favorite place to study during my final semester. It's the kind of place that makes you feel smarter just being there. I need to take some better pictures to send in to bookporn. The Law Library also qualifies.

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