Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crum and Forster update

First up today is an opinion column in the AJC this morning by Atlanta attorney Michael Bishop concerning the Crum and Forster building (aka 771 Spring St). It hits most of the points you expect it to hit, including this one:
The foundation acquired the building in 2007 as part of what it calls its
"long-term plan" for expansion of the Technology Square complex. I haven't seen
the plan, but if past efforts are any indication of future performance, we are
in for a predictably homogenized streetscape.

I actually like the architecture of Technology Square, although I will agree that it isn't particularly noteworthy. And it certainly isn't as noteworthy as the Crum and Forster building. But compared to most new development, it gets almost everything right. Unlike the numberous residential developments I discussed previously, it is very integrated with the city. Barry's Allen Plaza development works very well with the city fabric, too.

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