Friday, June 13, 2008

A football post to close out the week

I wasn't very excited to see my fees go up this semester, but GSU is starting a football program so I guess it is necessary. I'm going to withhold my natural instinct to mock this idea, and instead wish it the best of luck. This is the same approach I have used with Brand Atlanta, btw. I can't stop this stuff, so I may as well hope it turns out for the best.

I probably wouldn't have mentioned this at all, except that GSU took Tony Barnhart's advice and announced Bill Curry as the new head coach a few days ago. Bill wasn't on Tony's short list, but he certainly fits the profile (knows how to build/rebuild a program, success recruiting the state). And Bill is one of my favorite announcers, but it is possible that was just because he was from Atlanta. Great hire, I say.

So, this will be the first time I can honestly say "Go Panthers!" ... Even if I do think our colors and mascot are kind of lame.

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