Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Perdue willing to do something on transportation?

The AJC says that Gov. Perdue is going to announce a new transportation initiative Thursday:
In vague outlines to the board, the governor expressed support for commuter rail and for considering funding options such as privately-built toll roads. The governor said he supports measures to increase spending for transportation. Two measures — restoring a portion of the gas tax that now goes to the general fund and returning some bond debt service to general fund — could produce as much as $400 million a year, DOT officials said.
I still don't see why he won't support the local transportation tax the Metro Chamber wants. But hey, support for commuter rail is good. Overall, though, I expect to be underwhelmed. Expect to hear that bus rapid transit will be the solution.

The same article notes that Gina Abraham plans a $5 million department re-organization, but that the re-organization should be revenue neutral. I think what Ms. Abraham is doing at GDOT is way overdue, but I also would like to see more fundamental reorganization of the state's transportation agencies. Gov. Perdue keeps talking about getting the agencies "coordinated". What about consolidating some of it? What about changing how the GDOT board is elected? They have to be the most insulated, conflict-of-interest ridden, unaccountable board in the state.

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