Thursday, June 26, 2008

This hurts my head

Via my old friend Rob comes this link to the trippiest tower I have ever seen. Some crazy Italian architect has designed buildings that basically undulate. Technically, individual floors rotate around a central core. Click the link to their website and watch the intro to get the full experience.

I half-way think this is a hoax...

I think this would make me kind of sick looking at it from the street. I mean, its neat, but... talk about distracting. I think it could actually cause car wrecks. I have a hard enough time not wrecking sometimes just looking at the skyline as-is, I think I'd be screwed if one of the buildings constantly changed shape.

Not to mention motion sickness living there. I assume the floors rotate slowly, but I'm not sure I like the idea of living on a rotating platform.

So they are building three of these things in NYC, Dubai, and Moscow. They are powered by wind turbines between the floors, and each floor will be pre-fabricated in a factory in Italy. Oh, and the Dubai tower will have parking spaces inside the units.

I had to create a new tag for this post - WTF.


  1. How would the cars get into individual units in Dubai? Through some kind of central car elevator?
    Would be kinda funny if the apartments rotated when a driver was away and they ended up coming back and parking in their neighbor's living room...

    Anyways, keep up the interesting blogging :)

  2. I presume up the central core that everything rotates around. Although considering the architect is probably on 'shrooms, who knows.


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