Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend round-up

A few links I meant to talk about during the week that I just didn't get to.
  • Thomas Wheatley has a great article about the city's recycling service, and how much money is being flushed down the toilet:
    According to state figures, each person in Georgia generates an average 6.6 pounds of trash per day – double the national average. It costs $90 million annually to throw away 2.6 million tons of cans, bottles and newspapers that are collected and moved to Georgia landfills. Ironically, those items would have an estimated market value of $300 million if they were recycled.
    In b-school, they like to tell us how corporate social responsibility can be utilized in a way that helps your business instead of just trying to make nice and fuzzy headlines. I'd suggest the city look at the recycling program as an investment instead of a political initiative to placate the hippies.

  • The City is considering a 20-year contract with a private company to re-vamp the street vendor program. I think its a good idea, simply because the current vendors look pretty shabby. I think they work hard - I certainly wouldn't want to sit around all day hawking purses and oranges to tourists. I just think an effort to spruce things up is a good idea, even if the market for street vendor fair isn't exactly robust. Sometimes it's important to just act as-if. In this case, as if we still had a bustling downtown.

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