Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend round-up

Links and such from the week:
  • What impact could high gas have on real estate values? With a $2 increase in gas, Richard Green pencils it out to being worth an extra $36,000 in home value not to drive to work.

  • Find out how walkable your home is. figures out how close a location is to various amenities (grocery stores, hardware stores, movie theaters, etc.) and uses the info to calculate a walk-ability rating. I tried a few location in Atlanta, and find it a little suspect. There are a lot more hardware stores downtown than I realized, apparently. Still, it is neat. h/t: Greater Greater Washington.

  • Sandy Springs City Council rejected rezoning for a Central Perimeter mixed-use redevelopment project. Too much traffic. If the 'burbs start to put the kibosh on higher density because they don't have the infrastructure, I won't shed a tear. You know who has the infrastructure for dense mixed-use development? Downtown. Come on in boys, the water is fine.

  • Richard Florida has a great excerpt from a Hitchens column on the need for affordable bohemian areas. One of my favorite things about East Atlanta is that it has managed to retain a certain level of shabbiness. And I'm actually a little surprised at how Little Five Points has held up over the years. I wrote it off years ago, but it still manages to keep things interesting and authentic enough...

  • MARTA is trying to promote a non-binding referendum in Gwinnett for a penny sales tax to bring rail service to the county. Shouldn't there be some organization actually lobbying for this? Holding events and trying to organize voters in support? No matter how much folks may want transit, it is hard to get any sort of tax increase passed on referendum.

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