Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's in a nickname?

The AJC engages in some navel-gazing about the term Hotlanta. Can't we just deep six this thing? It should not be used around town, and we should heap scorn on out-of-town guests who use the term. Send a memo to sports announcers - "come up with something new". Frankly, I think it killed my soul a little bit just writing the word for a link.

Also, "the ATL" is kosher. We've been using this term for years before they made a movie or a theme song. ATLiens was released in 1996, about a decade earlier than any of that stuff.

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  1. One brush with Sturgis Fillmore and I was instantly stuck on "Atnalta". My wife claims to have seen an Atnalta bumper sticker, but I believe she is teasing me.


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