Saturday, July 12, 2008

Central Library update

I hate Saturday morning class. I hope I never again have to spend five hours every Saturday morning for a whole summer in class. This is not helping my addiction to Coca-Cola, which is probably the greatest thing ever invented. I downed 32 oz. of the real thing by 8 AM.

I just finished a test a bit early, so I have a few minutes to check to aggregator and update a few items. I am a bit late on this, but I have ranted quite a bit about Rob Pitt's proposal for a new central library downtown so I feel the need to keep track of what is happening. I missed this AJC report on the Fulton County Commission meeting a week and a half ago, because the headline was about the Buckhead Library. I just can't get very excited about that topic, mostly because Buckhead is not really a stomping ground for me.

Anyway, the AJC article isn't very informative. It says the issue is "unresolved". Luckily, I found while digging through my referring sites report. They are tracking this, and also pointed me towards another blog focused on the Central Library issue. Central Branch Libary (aptly named, sir!) had this summary:
The push by Commissioner Robb Pitts ... is losing steam fast. As today, during the Commission meeting, there were signs of a cracking solidarity between board members. This was most notable when Commissioners Emma Darnell, Bill Edwards and John Eaves expressed their concerns about the inadequate planning and bloated budget put forth by Robb Pitts.
By the way, the Central Branch Library blog is run by "Max Eternity", who AFPLWatch noted spoke at the Commission meeting. Is that a real name? It is awesome, nonetheless.

The July 16th meeting of the Fulton County Commission, which is likely the last meeting to add a referendum to the November ballot, has been added to the calendar.

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  1. I was at the library on Friday. My gut says, don't let the city build another one, please.

    I found this today:

    A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries


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