Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crum and Forster - the appearance of progress

Via Save 771 Spring St. comes the news that the Georgia Tech Foundation has retained architects Surber Barber Choate and Hertlein "to further study the potential rehabilitation of the building and the possibility of incorporating it into the Technology Square expansion."

I guess the public pressure has had some effect. SBCH is a good firm, and has a great history with historic preservation and adaptive re-use. I'm still not going to hold my breath that the GT Foundation will actually try to save the building, but if SBCH puts together a workable plan it will be that much harder for to demolish the building.

I also think that the GT Foundation should consult some developers who have done successful adaptive reuse projects to help with the numbers side. Architects are great for figuring out how to adapt the space, but the sticky issue is almost always about making the number work.

Hey, what a happy circumstance that John Aderhold, who redeveloped the Fulton Cotton Mill, is on their Board of Trustees! And so is the founder of Gay Construction, the company that did the construction for the Cotton Mill conversion.

UPDATE: I missed the AJC article in tomorrow's paper over the hullabaloo. My favorite tidbit:
The student newspaper, the Technique, ran an editorial cartoon that showed the building pleading, "Don't raze me, bro!"

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