Monday, July 7, 2008

I kind of miss that ostrich-cart driving fool

Everyone knows that Ted Turner often says outlandish stuff - it's kind of his shtick these days since he's not much of a business man these days. Occasionally, he says something that makes you remember why CNN was great back in the day. I wish Ted were still in charge:
At today’s lunch, Turner was asked what he would do differently if he was still running CNN.

“I would make Lou Dobbs shut up,” Turner quickly responded. After he thought about it some more, Turner said: “They don’t run as much international news as I’d like.” He also said the news is “lighter” and more “frivolous.”

Turner did say he misses the sports scores on the ticker of Headline News. And then he acknowledged: “I’m an old fuddy duddy now.”
I agree 100% with Ted. Especially concerning the sports ticker. When I was younger, I always turned to CNN to see if the Braves had won. This was of course before the internets and their magical tubes. Nowadays, the only reason I turn on CNN is to catch "the best political team on television" do election nights.

Another reason I still like Ted - fond memories of TBS and the Atlanta Braves. You could always count on the Braves to be on TBS. Plenty of games are still televised, but there was something reassuring about knowing TBS would be covering the game. And who knows how many hours of Andy Griffith I watched waiting out rain delays. Also, I really miss having a home-town owner for the team. It's just not right. I'm guessing Ted wouldn't have let Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren go. (/nostalgia. Who knew I liked 4th grade so much? Not me!)

One final reason to like Ted - I presume he is still a believer in downtown. I mean, the guy has a condo downtown, and the headquarters for Turner Enterprises is in the same building. His name is on the building, for crying out loud. He still owns a considerable chunk of land around Centennial Park, so here's hoping he doesn't sell it to the county for a library.

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  1. i kinda agree with ted about lou dobbs. i wish he would shut up.


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