Friday, July 18, 2008


So this should be fun to watch - Glenn Richardson is being challenged by another Republican for Speaker of the House. There seems to be a fundamental disagreement within the GOP caucus concerning the Speaker's role. Rep. David Ralston, the challenger, wants to pass legislation - "transportation, trauma care, a property tax reform plan".

Glenn Richardson's written statement:
“Speaker Richardson is focused on the job he was elected to do. He is working with our caucus members to protect our Republican majority in the House and with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to elect John McCain as our next President as we face one of the most pivotal elections in our nation’s history.”
Well, at least we know what his priorities are. But I'm pretty sure "elect more Republicans" is not the job of either a Representative or of the Speaker of the House. It is certainly a goal of elected representatives to elect more members of their party, and I'm not suggesting that Rep. Richardson shouldn't attempt that. But the job he was elected to do is to pass legislation and to lead the House in passing legislation. What is the point of having a majority if not pass legislation? (Okay, don't answer that, cynics.)

Perhaps Rep. Richardson is confusing Speaker with Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

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  1. glen richardson is an embarrassment to the state and to republicans


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