Sunday, July 20, 2008

So that went well

Almost five years after installing them, Seattle is removing its pubic toilets. Why?
Users left so much trash behind that the automated floor scrubbers had to be disabled, and prostitutes and drug users found privacy behind the toilets’ locked doors.

“I’m not going to lie: I used to smoke crack in there,” said one homeless woman, Veronyka Cordner, nodding toward the toilet behind Pike Place Market. “But I won’t even go inside that thing now. It’s disgusting.”
What does this have to do with Atlanta? We installed five public toilets earlier this year. I honestly haven't heard anything positive or negative about the toilets. I was not a supporter of the idea in the first place, but like most things I have no control over, I hope that I'm wrong.

Can any of my readers enlighten me about how the public toilets have fared? Better than Seattle?

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  1. I would imagine that "pubic" toilets would be gross :)


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