Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend round-up

A few items today:
  • If you are following the Hapeville Ford redevelopment, the ABC has a good article. I wonder if this "aerotropolis"will be similar to AmericasMart - a huge economic boon for the metro area, but one that most local folks never have reason to go to. Jacoby plans retail for the site, so I could be very wrong. But with the site's value being so connected with the airport, I have a hard time seeing other folks going there.

    Incidentally, Terminal Station is the fourth result when you search Google for "Hapeville Ford redevelopment". Yay Google!

  • Ex-urban developments are going bust.

  • There is trouble brewing over three old buildings on Juniper Street. A church wants to demolish them, some neighbors want to save them. I don't think they should be replaced with parking lots, but I have a hard time getting amped up to save these buildings. On the surface, the only reason to save them is that they are old (1905). I'm sympathetic, but I bet if there was a good redevelopment plan in place I'd feel differently. Anyone care to convince me otherwise?
Have a good weekend!

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