Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hines and the Doraville GM site

The AJC reports that Hines is in the running to get the contract on the Doraville GM site. While most Atlantans know Hines from several of the large office projects (1180 Peachtree, One Atlantic Center), they are also a major international player with lots of experience doing this sort of project.

One project they have done struck me as a decent analog is size and scope is Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, which includes a 35-acre park in the center. Certainly the urban environment there is very different, but the site plan at right gives an idea how they incorporate green space, convention centers, and shopping centers into the city. The plan also has residential and office components.

I supsect that the Doraville site will need to be similarly insular - which is to say aspects will be insular, while other aspects integrate better with existing streets. The Georgia Tech study for the Doraville site has lots of interior streets and small blocks, for what it is worth. The Hines CityCenterDC project that the AJC refers to is a very urban site, and you can see that Hines certainly knows how to integrate density into their plans.

My point is, Hines is much more familiar with creating authentic urban environments than Jacoby was when he did Atlantic Station. They would be a good choice, although if folks like Cousins are also bidding on the site (speculative) then there are probably several "good choices".

Hines also has a number of historical renovations to their credit, which isn't really applicable to the Doraville project but which earnes brownie points from this blogger.

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