Monday, August 11, 2008

Notes on 4th Ward redevelopment plan

There is a meeting tonight regarding the final version of the Old 4th Ward Masterplan. A few notes gleaned from the AJC article about the event:
  • The Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center will stay, although the rest of the site will be slated for redevelopment. Page 39 of the Draft Recommendations document (pdf) shows that the Civic Center will be kept, although it looks like they plan to redevelop the SciTrek site and screen the civic center with something.

    I am disappointed, because at one point the City considered tearing down the Civic Center. I think it is hideous, and an impediment to pedestrian-friendly development in the area. It earns the Obnoxious Architecture tag. It is Ex. A in the failure of 1960's urban revitalization, along with Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

    I guess I can't complain too much, since this has been a public process and I have chosen not to be involved. Also, I don't live in the 4th Ward, so I should probably mind my own business. Still, I'm disappointed. It appears that the planners made every effort the rehabilitate the site into something positive for the neighborhood, however.

    Also, I can never figure out how to pronounce Boisfeuillet. Sure, its French, but how exactly does a Southern accent bastardize the pronunciation?

  • One reason I can't find out what the plans are for the U-Rescue Villa site is because there may not be any specific plans beyond "redevelopment". The article notes that slating the site for a mixed-income redevelopment is part of the plan. So the plan may need to be approved before anything happens with the site.
Overall, the plan is very good, though. It is a model of how the City should interact with neighborhoods, and for how pro-active planning can hopefully lay the groundwork for quality development.

The usual questions with these sorts of plans: Will private developers follow the plan? Will the plan do more than sit on a shelf and gather dust? Where will the money for all the new parks and such come from?

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