Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perspective on bad architecture

I like the NY Times "Streetscapes" column sometimes because it is a little time-warp, the sort of thing you get on Atlanta Time Machine. Not that I know that much about NY, but let's be honest - I just like looking at the pictures.

Anyway, I was reading the latest article about some old brownstones on Madison Avenue. They are the sort of classic NY brownstone that (for me) are easy to fall in love with architecturally. Quintessential urban character, classic but not ostentatious, a good size for a family in the city. Y'know, the Cosby show and all that.

So I found it humorous to read this piece in the article:
Nevertheless, Mr. Sares, like almost every other developer, built in the usual style of the day, even as it was generally derided. In 1869, for instance, The Real Estate Record and Guide bemoaned the city’s “same never-ending high stoops and gloomy brownstone fronts.”
As much as I bitch about bad architecture and how all the stuff today looks the same, I ain't that original. Somehow I doubt that the Terminal Station blog will end up as a historical footnote in the NY Times, though.

This post is also written to confirm that yes, I was a history major at Michigan.

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