Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summing up the AJC for today

Man, lots of stuff in today's paper worth mentioning.
  • The AJC did a follow up on the attrition at the Police Department. Top concerns: Pay, unorganized work process, and poor equipment. Sounds like a miserable place to work, actually: shitty pay, nobody communicates, and you never have the right gear. I have worked in all of those situations, and on their own each is enough to piss you off. Combining them sounds excruciating. Since I bitch about the AJC enough, I offer up much thanks to Tim Eberly for digging in a little deeper on the issue.

  • Continuing on a police topic, the APD put up barriers around Barbara Asher Square, better known as the Five Points plaza at the MARTA station. Great first step, I say. The guys wanting to take naps on the benches and sell cigarettes on the street are upset. Oh noes!

  • A townhouse develpment in Candler Park/L5P is an example of how developers can work with neighborhoods successfully. The location seems like a great one for townhouses - walking distance to Little Five, transitioning to single family homes in Candler Park.

    Part of why negotiating worked is that the neighborhood seems to understand that the city needs to support a reasonable level of density in areas that make sense:
    James Johnson, who heads the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization zoning committee, said the latest version works.

    "It's a fairly dense use of the site, but it's not an overwhelmingly dense use of the site," he said. "In my mind, it's a positive."

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