Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warning: football season starting

Okay, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with Atlanta, local politics, or real estate. This video has been making the rounds, and while I saw it some time ago (before my trip to Ann Arbor in May), I felt compelled to post it. Football season is coming up, best to get y'all ready for the once a week sports post regarding Michigan football. I promise, it will be short, and you can just scroll past it (like I do when Yglesias talks about basketball).

This place makes the best burgers, ever. Period. No Debate.

I usually get a quad with American cheese, grilled onions, grilled banana peppers, on a kaiser roll. Best eaten if you take it to go in a bag, so that by the time you got home the bag was almost see-through and all the cheese had melted the meat patties together. You can only do this once a month, or maybe every other month. It is the first place I go when I get to Ann Arbor.

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