Friday, September 26, 2008

Cover out at Planning dept.

This is not always the timeliest blog around. School pretty much ensures that. So I'm a few days late noting that Steve Cover, the head of the city's Planning and Community Development department, is resigning for a private sector job. Thomas reported this like, three days ago.

Cover had done a pretty good job with the department. Whenever I saw him speak or the very few times I interacted with him, I could tell that he really grasped the bigger picture for how development needed to proceed within the city. The best thing, though, was that he was able to cut the permitting time for construction about in half.

From the outside, I got the impression that he did a decent job organizing that department, which we desperately needed. I hope we get a replacement as good as Cover.

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  1. yeah, minus that little affair he had that shook up the department and led to some firings, and the recent and onging "purges" of staff since last spring ...


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