Monday, September 1, 2008

Newly found respect for QBs

If you ever thought football was just something for mindless jocks, take a gander at the Smart Football blog. Particularly this older post on "conceptual passing" designs for offenses. Conceptual what? Exactly.

If you've ever had your life sucked away by NCAA Football on the PlayStation, the articles are very interesting and you can probably follow along alright. But it's not exactly light reading in a world where sports broadcasters prefer to cover the dramatic "story lines" of a game.

Having never played the game in an organized manner, I can only speculate that a QB needs to have a pretty attuned spatial intelligence to be successful. It certainly gives me some sympathy for a guy like Michigan's Steven Threet who spent most of Saturday staring down field trying to figure out who was open.

That was my way of rationalizing Michigan's loss to Utah on Saturday. Learning a new offensive system isn't easy, and I'm trying to cut our QBs some slack. Otherwise, I think Braves and Birds has a better analysis than I could offer.

Regular blogging about esoteric topics will resume tomorrow most likely. I am considerably busier this semester than I was during the summer, so posting will slow down.

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