Monday, September 8, 2008

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Less-than-serious blogging!

Michigan won ugly over Miami of Ohio, and I am still very concerned about next week's game against Notre Dame. It helps that Charlie Weiss is an arrogant blowhard, however, and every time they showed the ND sideline their QB was flipping his hair in the fan like a prima donna.

Also, bonus points for the level of aggravation the mention of Charlie Weiss brings my father. He follows college football mostly so that he can talk with me about Michigan football, so I am always surprised how much invective spews forth when Weiss comes up. It's not like my dad reads blogs or watches the press conferences where Weiss's really arrogant stuff comes out - there is just something about Weiss who deportment that aggravates him.

Also, the new season of Entourage started last night. Best line is Turtle suggesting a film title: M is for Amnesia. HBO needs Entourage to prop up its limping Original Series division, because True Blood is, um, not so good. All the accents sound weird, and I'm not sure how self-aware the campiness of show is. HBO still hasn't produced a quality replacement for Deadwood, which was the best show on TV. Damn you, John from Cincinnati!


  1. I have never watched Entourage. What am I missing?

    Also, so glad that ND took the latest Clausen. Not sure what to think yet of the Clawson UT hired though.

  2. Wonderfully decadent satire of LA and the film industry. The characters are hilarious caricatures, although I'm guessing they aren't really that far off base.

    It also has the "actors just having a great time" vibe that the Soderberg Ocean's movies have. Jeremy Piven has won multiple awards for his character, and makes me laugh just about every time he is on screen.

    It is the about the least serious show on TV, and simply put it is just a lot of fun to watch.


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