Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Downtown Design Excellence Awards

My friends at Central Atlanta Progress notified me a few days ago about the Atlanta Downtown Design Excellence Awards, so I pass it along to you, my readers. I bitch enough about bad architecture in this city, I figure I should do my part to highlight good architecture.

Anyway, the ADDEA "raises awareness about quality additions, renovations, rehabs, and new construction projects in Downtown Atlanta. " You can vote online for your favorite new designs downtown, and you get to watch a little slide show for each project. The before and afters for the Ellis Hotel are pretty neat.

I also really enjoyed the restaurants section, and I've decided I need to go to STATS to watch a Michigan game at some point. For you beer enthusiasts, I think this is the place where you can refill your pitcher automatically from the table without waiting on the waitress.

I should also mention that the awards will be given out at this year's Downtown Development Day, which is a lot of fun if you are a real estate dork. I'm not sure how much fun this year will be, of course, given the market conditions.


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  3. You can vote for your favorite designs at


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