Thursday, October 9, 2008

A thought on all those new voters

I typically avoid the local Dem blogs and have been pretty out of touch with the state legislative races. So I'm sure that some of the various Democratic groups in town have considered this idea. However, it just occurred to me that all these new voters, combined with record African American turnout, could lead to some interesting results in contested state House and state Senate seats.

For example, Chris Huttman is running against Jill Chambers for the Chamblee/Doraville House seat. In a normal year, I'd think Chambers had a pretty safe seat. She won with 59% of the vote in 2006, although 2004 was closer (55%-44%).

Given that this is an in-town-ish area ripe for targeting by the Obama campaign, I actually expect that Huttman has a very good shot at beating Chambers. I don't think that GA Dems recruited enough folks to have a shot at taking either chamber, but they'll win a few seats that folks weren't expecting them to win.

The thought occurred to me reading this Political Insider column about Chambers over-reacting to an ethics complaint. Way to ensure the complaint gets media coverage! Perhaps she is feeling the pressure?

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