Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unending library blogging

The AJC editorializes against the new Central Library, calling it "of questionable need". Library Director John Szabo defends the referendum. He starts out with, "Think of the children!":
The Fulton County library bond referendum is about 60 preschoolers packed into a tiny one-room library at Bankhead Courts listening to the story of Peter and the Wolf. ...

It’s about a library located in a rented former funeral home that is one of our most heavily used in the system. Don’t our children deserve better?
This is what pisses me off so much about the way the County handled the Central Library issue. The existing referendum was a good idea with compelling reasons to support it. So why would you play politics with it by injecting this stupid Central Library issue at the last minute? If it was soooo important to think about the children, why would you show such disrespect for the existing bond by jeopardizing it with these shenanigans?

Further, Szabo doesn't make the case for a new Central Library. All he says is:
Seattle, Nashville, Minneapolis and others all understand this —- they’ve built many new branches and, yes, a new central library as well. A new central library in Atlanta would follow the path of these other great cities, but it is only a piece of the plan.
That's not a compelling case for $84 million of taxpayer money!! It's not even a case at all! I still can't believe something so half-baked is going before the public.

Please tell your friends to vote NO on this ballot item. You can find more of my rants on the Library situation here.

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  1. i checked out a book from the library the other day and they gave me a bookmark promoting the library referendum.

    made me think of you.

    as a now steady library user, i am kinda torn on this. next time i see you i'd be interested in exploring your opposition in more detail.


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