Thursday, October 9, 2008

Viva urbanism

Interesting article in the AJC yesterday about how my generation is changing how we live.  Basically, we all agree that the suburbs suck, and we also want to have everything possible wired into the interwebs.  Lots of good marketing info, with this being the most encouraging for the city's future:
The Robert Charles Lesser study states that “70 percent do not believe they have to move to the suburbs once they have kids.” And “only half are confident they will need a single-family home once they have kids.”
This is perhaps one reason that APS is building a new school on the east side.  I really need to spend more attention on our schools... any readers want to write a guest post or two?  Any young parents?

I enjoyed the article a lot, but this nugget struck me as odd:
Gen Y’s favorite neighborhood amenity is a library, followed by restaurant or cafe, a main street village, a recycling center and a fitness center, the Robert Charles Lesser study says.
A library first?  Seriously?  You are talking about a generation that gets everything online, and all the rest of your marketing information tells you that this:
“This is a generation that has always known a computer,” said Uri Vaknin, vice president of business development at the Marketing Directors, a condo sales company. “They want these programmed lives.”
A library is an important feature?  Who knew.


  1. I used to think libraries were important (although definitely not ranked before social locales) until I moved to Atlanta. Then I realized they are all homeless day shelters. Now I only go there to vote.

  2. AJC based their Gen Y predictions on interviewing Gen Y's who just bought in town?

    " not believe they have to move to the suburbs once they have kids" Most Gen Y's never lived in town to begin with and I don't think they every will.

    There is certainly a baby boom in Morningside right now. Anywhere else in town? I think most of the booming intown areas are child free zones. Certainly there are a few family pioneers.

  3. The AJC took the Gen Y predictions from the RCLCO study, which was nationwide. It is extremely extensive and interesting - The largest segment of 22-year-old Gen Yers will hit the market in 2009 or 2010, so it will hit the rental market with full force and could really help pep up our economy.

  4. "12% of 75 Million boomers are expected to move into central cities..." I presume Atlanta will deservedly get more than it's fair share of them.


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