Friday, November 7, 2008

Like pulling off a band-aid

I'm no economic expert, and I don't really know much about the auto industry.  But shouldn't we just let GM and Ford collapse?  I mean, haven't they been messes for years?  SUVs propped up sales for a while, but fundamentally these companies are broken.  Really, they aren't that different from the airline industry, but that is a different post.

And really, its not like we would be protecting the economy in Detroit by keeping these guys afloat - Michigan has been getting devastated by these companies for years.  There is a reason that the economy sucks in Ohio and Michigan - the American auto industry has been giving them the short end of the stick every time they have to restructure and cut costs.  

Get it over with and let the free market sort it out.  Besides, most of the "foreign" cars we buy in the country are being made in the USA, anyway.  Remember that Kia plant Sonny Perdue was so proud of getting near Columbus?

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  1. If this is about whether or not American car companies deserve a bailout by taxpayers, the answer is an resounding "no" in my opinion. Now that the banking industry has their bailout, expect to see more businesses holding out their collective tin cup for a handout.

    For my part, any business that receives bailout money loses my business. I am planning to leave my bank soon, as soon as I find a credit union that meets my needs.


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