Friday, November 28, 2008


I have to call attention to my friend James and his stellar blogging on his experiences with MARTA. The basic gist of it is that he has been taking the MARTA from North Ormewood to work in Alpharetta for a year, and he has been keeping track on his personal blog and on the Atlanta Metblog. His posts are a must read for anyone interested in MARTA, and are really a testament to James's character, as well. If there were awards for excellence in personal blogging, I'd nominate James's MARTA series (I'm sure there are, I'm just too lazy to look 'em up).


  1. wow, dude. thanks.

    you have taught me quite a bit about being opened minded about stuff like this...

  2. You practice what you preach a lot more than I do, though.


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