Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where I sort of eat my words

So I have to main issues (at least) where I need to eat my words a bit. First, I said Jim Martin didn't have a shot. What I actually said was sort of accurate. On Aug 5 I said:
I think 44%-45% is realistic, and anything over 46% will be incredible. Cleland got 46% of the vote against Chambliss as an incumbent in a very bad year for Dems.
Then, later on when polls showed the race close, I said:
I, for one, am a huge skeptic. I still expect Martin and Obama to lose by about 6 points.
In the end, Obama lost by about 5 points, and Martin is only 3 down. Martin pulled about 46.7% of the vote, which is pretty close to what I predicted. I didn't count on the Libertarian, of course, and a three point margin is fantastic. So while I may have gotten a few specifics about the race close, I didn't give Martin enough credit. Also, I didn't predict an economic collapse that would further erode the GOP brand even in a red state like GA.

The other issue where I need to eat my words concerns James and the Hawks. We went to the Hawks game last week, and I had a great time. While I haven't posted anything here regarding the Hawks, suffice it to say that I was quite surprised to have a great time. I generally loathe basketball, mostly because I'm not very good at it and whenever we played in middle and high school I invariably blew my top over some foul that I took personally. By the end of high school, basketball was the one sport that I simply refused to play a pick up game of.

You can add on top of my personal distaste for basketball the general lackluster recent history of the Hawks, and the tantalizing runs in the 90s where they couldn't get through the playoffs. I actually followed the Hawks a bit then, but when they kept losing in the playoffs I simply lost interest, and took the position that the Hawks were not much more than a tease.

So my first Hawks game at Philips Arena far exceeded expectations. I don't plan on watching them on TV or anything, but I'll definitely go back for more live games.

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  1. we'll miss you tonight...the great rob stevens is taking your place....


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