Thursday, December 4, 2008

An evening downtown

I went to the Hawks game again Wednesday night. We had incredible seats. I took MARTA to Philips straight from a class presentation, so I looked exactly like the kind of arrogant a-hole who would have such great seats (tie, overcoat, etc.) even though I'm really a broke grad student. The game was great, and the guys sitting in front of us were a riot. Then there was the guy in the velvet pants waving dollar bills at the A-Town Dancers... he was too much.

I think the best part of the game was the kiss cam, where the jumbotron finds couples and make them kiss, and they always end it with two players on the opposing team. They zoomed in on one guy who was looking away from the screen. He promptly started picking his nose, ate what he found, and then his date noticed the kiss cam and they started seriously making out. I was dying. I laughed so hard I cried. These things annoy me during Braves games, why do they work so well at Philips?

What I really wanted to blog about, however, was the walk through downtown I had afterwards. I took the train up to Peachtree Center near where I was parked, and had a nice walk from the station to my car. I really wish there was more to do downtown at night, because the city is gorgeous at night. All the trees have lights, and most of the bums are gone because it is cold. Woodruff Park looked great, too.

There was something about was walking through downtown in a black overcoat on a crisp, clear night that just made me feel like I was in a real city. Taking MARTA helped, too. In a real city, one travels in a black overcoat on public transportation before walking down a grand boulevard from some exciting event or another. A guy can dream, can't he?

I also snapped a picture of the new street facade for 191 Peachtree which a commenter mentioned on another post, which looks great. You can see the old front here. My little camera phone isn't great, but I think the image is servicabe. I really hope that the folks at 180 Peachtree are successful, because that block can be great. The Macy's building is too awesome to sit empty, and Peachtree Street is too great to be so underutilized. I always get nostalgic for the time that this stretch of Peachtree was where all the great movie houses were, and where you could really have a night on the town. I also get pissed on what I missed out on.

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  1. Yes. I cruised 191 Peachtree today. It's a big improvement. I salute it.

    Now to put something worth seeing in Macy's beautiful windows again. Please, not an indoor food court.


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