Monday, December 8, 2008

odd and ends

  • So, UF vs. OU in the national title game. To all the Alabama fans bitching that their one loss is better than OU, or Texas, or anyone else - the same thing happened to Michigan in 2006. We were of course proven wrong. The better team (UF) went to the title game, and embarassed the Big Ten. I'd say you'll get over it, but then I remember that you are Alabama fans and the most irrational fans on earth, and you'll probably hold on to this for quite some time. So let me know how that works out for you.

  • I really, really hope Penn State beats USC in the Rose Bowl. The Big Ten needs a game like that. However, I expect UGA to demolish Michigan State. It would just be typical Sparty.

  • I've entered a team for the ULI Urban Design competition with some Tech students - I'll be doing the financial parts. Should be fun, but also should ruin two weeks in January. I'm going to spend the break between semesters going over previous years' winners.

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