Monday, December 8, 2008

A respectable showing

Rusty's NCAA football pick 'em contest is over, and I finished a respectable third out of thirteen. I won the first week, but otherwise settled into a consistent pattern of just doing pretty well. I never really challenged for first, and finished nine picks from the top, and seven from 2nd place.

It should be noted that these picks are against the spread, which is a lot harder than you think. I remember one game where Boise State or some other western school I pay no attention to won a game by 20 points, and I was enraged because the spread was 22 points.

Hopefully I'll do better next year. I think I did about the same two years ago, and then I basically phoned in last year's contest after Michigan lost to App State. I think Rusty gives out a prize or something, but I pretty much play for pride. So I'm hoping next year goes better.

UPDATE: Rusty thankfully did a little bit of data work and came up with W-L scores for all the contestants. My record, against the spread: 124-114 (.521)

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  1. Yeah, anything over .500 is a good score. I like going ATS over straight-up because it makes even a game like USC-UCLA interesting. No way in hell USC loses that game, but they could (and did) fail to cover the 30-point spread.


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