Saturday, January 17, 2009

*Face palm*

I missed this the other day, but Perdue didn't include funding for the Atlanta-Griffin commuter rail in his budget:
The Georgia Department of Transportation requested $15.1 million to start a commuter rail from Atlanta to Griffin. However, Perdue included no money in this year’s budget for the train....

The federal government has already allocated $119 million to the project. However, the federal grant requires state money to move forward....

Governor’s spokesman Bert Brantley said Perdue still supports the commuter rail, but is looking for the DOT and local governments to identify other funding options.

“The state is in the middle of a serious budget situation. Our latest revenue forecast shows the state collecting $2.2 billion less than was originally budgeted for FY2009,” Brantley said. “A statement of support does not mean a project has a blank check to be funded at significant higher amounts than originally proposed.”
Really, a statement of support doesn't mean you are going to fund it?  I mean, we can quibble about the "blank check" language, but we are talking about $15 million in order to receive $119 million.  What exactly did it he mean, then, whe he said support?  Sure, it is cliche, but let's see what the dictionary has to say:
2 a (1): to promote the interests or cause of (2): to uphold or defend as valid or right (3): to argue or vote for
3 a: to pay the costs of; b: to provide a basis for the existence or subsistence of 
By witholding funding, I'd suggest that Perdue is NOT supporting commuter rail, by a conventional definition of the word, and especially within a political context.  

I don't get why Perdue said he'd support it over the summer - no one expected him to support commuter rail, he doesn't need to get elected again, he could have just maintained his previous position and this article would never have been written.  Well, it'd have been "Perdue still doesn't get it," instead of "Argh!?!"  All he did was raise expectations, and then let them down.  

I really don't get this governor.  All he does is frustrate me (and I'm not even getting into tort reform.  OMFG, don't get me started on tort reform).  

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