Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In case you weren't paying attention

Recessions sure are fun.  It seems like the city is falling apart:
  • Intowners are getting fed up with an increase in violent crimes
    But residents of intown Atlanta say those statements and statistics don't mesh with reality. Violent crime, they say, has grown more frequent and brazen, a worrisome trend at a time when the department is actually scaling back officers to offset the city's $70 million budget shortfall.
  • Our neighborhoods are falling apart because of the real estate bust and the recession
    A map at city hall shows virtually every neighborhood south of I-20 and a number of others facing a dangerous combination of falling property values, increasing foreclosures, abandonment and crime.
  • The suburbs are stealing our police officers because the APD is a total mess
    In Dunwoody, preparing for a relative hiring binge, police applications are arriving from several communities, including Atlanta.
  • MARTA is going broke and facing drastic service cuts, and transportation funding is disappearing
    MARTA, which depends heavily on a sales tax collected in Fulton and DeKalb counties and the city of Atlanta, may have to stop service on one rail line, Walls said.
  • Downtown is falling apart
    The city is looking into three locations in and around Underground Atlanta where ground surfaces have given way in recent days...

    The largest and most obvious is a 14-foot section of brick walkway on Underground’s upper plaza that separated just after midnight on New Year’s Eve

    Another is a half-block stretch of Forsyth Street, just south of Alabama Street. Part of a Forsyth Street sidewalk nearby also is buckling.
But hey, don't worry, the Mayor says everything is going to be fine
Franklin used her final State of the City address to the Atlanta City Council to outline a list of accomplishments she said has put the city on “the threshold of greatness.”
I wish I could say something else, but I think these articles pretty much speak for themselves.  I wish the vigil at the Standard was at a realistic hour, because I can't get to Grant Park that early.  

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