Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toyoko Inn renderings

A friend passed along some renderings of the Toyoko Inn that is being planned for the corner of Luckie and Forsyth downtown.  I've got one up right now, and I'll try and remember to upload the rest to a Picasa album later (no gaurantee on that, though).  This pic shows it just a little shorter than the Equitable building across the street. 

Overall the design looks rather pedestrian, and is reminiscent of the many suburban hotels the architects have done.  It isn't horrid, but I'm still unenthused about the project.  The building materials are a snooze-fest.  I'm trying to keep an open mind, but it looks pretty much like what it is - a budget hotel for office workers.  Hooray, welcome to revitalization, downtown!

In my earlier post, I questioned what they would do about parking - the plans I've got show 12 stories of parking, an amenity level on the 13th floor, followed by 25 stories of hotel rooms.  I don't have a document hosting capacity at this point, but you can get an abbreviated version of the PDFs at the Phillips portfolio site.  Scroll through the images until the end, when the Toyoko Inn project comes up.

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  1. Oof. Somebody get out a defibrillator.. the architect needs a shock to the heart. Is there a city meeting to comment about this? This thing is terrible. It's like a sleep inn on steroids. The last thing Atlanta needs.


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