Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Downtown pics

A few pictures I took while getting to and from class over the last few weeks:
  • The new pedestrian bridge over Courtland. Lots of stupid conventioneers get hit crossing here because they can't wait for the crosswalk. I normally hate these sorts of things, but it's not like those two hotels are going to re-do their street fronts or anything.

  • Woodruff Park today, with people eating lunch near the "reading room". CAP has done a great job with the park, btw. It feels like a real downtown!

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  1. This is a good bridge. This was a horrible trek to make, even if you waited on the crosswalk. Peachtree is on a hill top. Walking to Peachtree from the east is a climb.

    To get to the Hilton you could cut through the Marquis which, like it or not, is an interesting walk. Then you are dumped on the backside of the Marquis on a busy and wide street that will never have any life.

    It's kind of on par with the trek from the Lenox Marta Station. It could be a heck of a lot more pleasant (and safer) with a bridge or tunnel to the mall. Plus it's uphill all the way. The haven't build a bridge there have they? Do the experienced commuters take the bus to the mall?


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