Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kudos to Atlanta Time Machine

I'm just going to completely agree with everything Decatur Metro has to say about Atlanta Time Machine. Atlanta Time Machine does indeed rule, and you shouldn't go there unless you have at least an hour to spare.

Some related historical links (mostly thanks to the lovely Aria):
  • Three historical panoramic views of the city: 1871, 1892, and 1919. You can view the pics in the viewer, but you'll need to download a viewer if you want to save the whole picture.
  • An 1877 Map of Atlanta via the Georgia Secretary of State
  • Historical Sanborn fire insurance maps from 1886 to 1922. If you've never checked out a Sanborn map, they are lots of fun - they let you know what business occupied a particular propety, such as this image from the intersection of Luckie and Forsyth in 1922 showing the Piedmont Hotel and the Rialto Theater:


  1. What a fantastic public service.

  2. I thought it was great too and I probably spent the better part of an hour there without intending to, as you say.

    What I thought was it should serve as an inspiration to Atlanta city residents. Here's what the city used to look like - no dead spots, no useless surface parking lots downtown, just hustle and bustle. It wasn't that long ago in my opinion! Let's get to work.

  3. This is the site I was telling you about that I always forget the name. The Atlanta Time Machine. You had it in your blog all along!

  4. I'd never seen the Sanborn maps and was interested to see them. I was surprised he didn't mention this series of historic aerial photos from 1949.



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