Friday, March 27, 2009

All the fun stuff happens when I'm in class

The ULI held a forum with the top four mayoral candidates. Maria Saporta has the goods:
State Sen. Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta) said the key issue will be restoring the city’s finances to pay for police and fire personnel.

“Nothing else matters if you have a city that’s unsafe,” Reed said. If public safety is not addressed, then citizen will move out of the city and visitors will stop coming to Atlanta.
Kasim's statement isn't fundamentally different than what Ceasar Mitchell said, but it focused more on the public safety aspect:
“If you’re not focused on finance, you can’t do anything about public safety, the streets or clean water,” Mitchell said.
Mary Norwood said transportation wast he number one issue. Um, no. It is important, but not even close to being number one.

Also, I was VERY pleased to read this:
Reed, however, said he would like to speed up the timetable for the Beltline rather than having it be a 25-year project.
Glad someone is making this point.

And, finally, Maria says:
As I report in today’s Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders is expected to announce next week that she is re-entering the mayor’s race.
Good news. I am trying to keep an open mind about Kasim and Ceasar. Kasim's statements yesterday are generally good, in my book. Read the whole article, it's good info.

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  1. I'd like to keep an open mind about Kasim Reed, too, but it's hard knowing that he's the ascendant candidate in the old system. The same system that has given us Bill Campbell and Shirley Franklin. Don't know enough about Borders but who does? This should be a little alarming seeing how she's be the City Council President for the past few years.


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