Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Georgia Legislature, are you listening? Get Georgia Moving!

After reading this article on the snail's pace (no pun intended) that the Georgia Legislature is acting to pass a transportation funding mechanism, all I can say is:

This is ridiculous.

Our state legislature only meets for 40 days a year, and they put off such a critical issue until the last minute. What is even more ridiculous is that they got to the same point last year, and adjourned without passing anything.

I am especially incensed about this particular issue: The Federal government has $87 million set aside for funding commuter rail between Atlanta and Griffin, and has been waiting for years for Georgia to provide $15 million to make it happen. Last year, it ALMOST happened, again, being held up another year as a result of the impasse in the Georgia Legislature. This year, again, the money has been left out of the budget.

No wonder Atlanta has some of the worst traffic in the nation. We rank close to the very bottom in per capita investments in transportation infrastructure, yet we are one of the fastest growing states in the nation.

For more information on this issue, visit Get Georgia Moving.

I especially like that Get Georgia Moving provides Denver as a valuable case study. Denver is aggressively building light rail and other transportation infrastructure as a result of the FasTracks Program, partially funded by a regional (let me say that again, R-E-G-I-O-N-A-L, this means YOU, Gwinnett and Cobb!) 0.4% increase in sales tax and issuance of bonds.

More coverage on this issue through Forbes Magazine.


  1. This is incredibly frustrating. I'm almost certain the Georgia government wants Atlanta to fail as a city in the coming years.

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking!

    Clearly the state hates its biggest city.

  3. I'm wondering if this session may be the one that broke the camel's back with regard to the Metro Atlanta business heavy-hitters deciding to take matters into their own hands. There's talk about Sam Olens entering the Governor's race. My feeling is if that happens, it effectively drains the donation swamp for ol' Casey 'talk out of both sides of my mouth' Cagle. Olens will be the man to beat - he should have the money and the (R) next to his name will pull in the votes from the rest of the state. He may run an anti-liberal/Atlanta campaign to win votes, but their is no denying that he would move to address the transportation (rail and road) problems that are dragging down the metro area as a place to do business.

    The jokers running the GA General Assembly are killing this state!


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