Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just curious

I spotted something mildly interesting in an AJC article:
A thief who robbed in Northeast Atlanta apartment and fled in a victim’s car Saturday night went on to crash into another vehicle and a fountain downtown before being captured, police said....

The truck struck another vehicle and a fountain in downtown’s Central City Park, police said.
Most of you are probably asking yourself, "Where the hell is Central City Park?" Central City Park is the old name for Woodruff Park - when Woodruff was alive, all his donations were anonymous (even though everyone knew where the money came from). Most of the stuff with his name on it was named after his death. Woodruff helped buy much of the land that became Central City Park.

What I'm wondering is, how the name ends up getting used in an AJC article? I think the only previous time I have come across the name was was in an older book that was written before the name change. I had no idea what it was talking about, and had to do a little research to figure it out. I would bet most people in town only know the park as Woodruff Park - it was renamed in 1985, according to Atlanta Time Machine (of course he would know).

So ho is still using the name? Is the writer? I would have thought Furman Bisher was the only person at the AJC who would remember the name (he'd get a whole column out of that fact, of course). Did the writer just copy the name from a police report? This seems likely, since the usage is just before "police said." So the police department is still using the old name? If so, did the writer not ask, "Central City what?"

I'm very curious about this. I mean, who really cares, but, still.... how odd.


  1. I, too, was perplexed. The AJC's offices are just down Marietta Street from the park and the police department has a mini-precinct at Underground.

    On a related note, one of the architectural teams for the CCHR kept referring to Centennial Olympic Park Drive as Techwood Drive. I don't know if they had an old survey or they were trying to show that they knew Atlanta back when. This same team never used the old name for Ivan Allen Jr Boulevard.

  2. I totally noticed the same thing yesterday - I think it's a symptom of all the good reporters (and probably fact checkers too) having left the AJC. It's sad...

    Kyle - I noticed the CCHR team referring to the street as Techwood as well, which is so strange, especially considering his teammate's firm is down the street from COP/Techwood and should've corrected him!

  3. That was funny.. I looked for "central city park" on google maps, and couldn't find it. Sounds like the name for a park in a fake city.

  4. Heh. Shows how old I'm getting. I still call it Central City Park.


    May be what they were referring to.

  6. But that site lists the park as Robert W. Woodruff Park... There is a "Central Park" listed on Merritts Ave in the Fourth Ward, but it is clearly not referring to Woodruff park.


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