Thursday, March 12, 2009

"More police" is not enough

I'm pleased by the passage of this bill allowing a referendum for Atlanta to raise taxes to hire more police officers. I slightly annoyed that the bill passed only 30-23 on opposition that sounded like this:
But the bill’s opponents argued that the city could fix its staffing shortages by resolving a dispute between Mayor Shirley Franklin and the city council over fiscal policy. Franklin recommended raising property taxes last year, partly to hire more public safety officers, but council members refused to go along.

“Folks have a way to force local government officials to do their job … vote them out of office or recall them,” said Sen. John Wiles, R-Marietta.
So glad to hear that from Sen. Wiles. of Marietta. Mar-i-ett-a. What the fuck does whether someone wants to raise taxes in Atlanta have anything to do with a Cobb County representative? Piss off.

Back to city politics - I'm afraid that the debate over public safety in the mayoral race will come down to hiring more cops. The problems related to crime in this city cannot possibly be that simple to solve, and I hope candidates don't try to talk down to citizens. I for one want to know what else they plan to do. When everyone is talking about more officers, it is almost a none issue. Sure, Reed gets this to run on, but I hope it isn't the only arrow in the quiver.

UPDATE: I shouldn't bitch about folks messing in Atlanta's affairs without giving due credit to the House for passing a tax exemption for constructing the CCHR. Rep. Bobby Franklin, R-Marietta, was the only Rep to vote against the bill. I'm seeing a pattern here...

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