Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun with SketchUp

I mentioned the other day that I've been working on a lot of school projects.  Well, my project for Real Estate Project Planning and Development was due today, so now that I'm finished with it I thought I'd share a little bit with you guys.  Below is a little promo video I did for my team's development concept.  a piece of property on Ponce de Leon between West Peachtree and Spring Street.  

I did all the rendering work on SketchUp.  You can see from my past efforts that I've gotten a little better at it, although it is still all from a 'lay' perspective - I'm no architect.  Please forgive the quality of the voice-over, as well.  Anyway, enjoy!  I had a lot of fun making it, even though it is pretty basic in terms of architectural design.  No fancy shapes or anything, just straight-forward boxes.


  1. Not bad, but I'd flip the housing and office components so the office faces the existing office on West Peachtree St (AT&T Center) and it wouldn't block sunset views in the residences - when people would actually be at home.

  2. And one question, how did proximity to the North Avenue MARTA station affect your design/project? I presume you followed SPI-16 zoning regulations.

  3. Mostly with the MARTA nearby we used lower parking ratios, particularly for the office component (I think SPI-16 has a max of 2.5/1,000, we used 2/1,000). We also used a considerable level of shared parking between the components.

    The orientation of the buildings was in part to maximize visibility from the highway for the office building and branding there. The real views are of Midtown and Downtown, which are unimpeded from the residential portions.

    I do like the idea of flipping the buildings though. I don't think the visibility of the office component would be affected too much.


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