Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Glenwood Park update

The AJC has a nice write-up of the Glenwood Park development that ties in nicely with a discussion a while back over at Decatur Metro.  One point that I've made about Glenwood Park is that the retail does not have very good visibility - a lot of it buried in the interior courtyard, and Bill Kennedy Way doesn't have much traffic.  The main road is Glenwood, and a lot of the land there was used for townhomes.  The development as a whole doesn't have much in the way of signage, either on Glenwood or from I-20.  The AJC article includes some quotes from tenants:
Residents’ biggest complaints are about empty commercial spaces. A gym, coffee shop, dry cleaner and some restaurants have lasted, but some, including a boutique, spa and pizza spot, have shut down. There’s room for about seven more tenants now.
But without a denser population, long-established businesses to draw a crowd or a main artery to increase visibility, it’s tough to stay in business.

“I definitely think there’s a large chunk of the nearby area that doesn’t know we exist,” said Cindy Shera, owner of The Shed at Glenwood, a fine dining spot. “It’s really a fantastic neighborhood as far as residents go. That, I would not trade. More visibility, I would love."
FWIW.  In our discussion over at Decatur Metro, a few commenters and I kind of came to the agreement that Glenwood and the neighborhood simply didn't have the demand or traffic count to support more retail than is currently built out.

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