Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can get down with this

James is going on the war path over MARTA funding. He's already broken up with the Georgia GOP, and now he's pressing for a special session asking the legislature to deal with MARTA funding. I presume it is so MARTA doesn't stop service on Fridays, and so he can get to work.

Like James says, you can do your part to let the powers that be know we are pissed:
keep up the phone calls.

governor perdue - 404-656-1776
lieutenant governor cagle - 404-656-5030
speaker richardson - 404-don’t-waste-your-breath.
This will take you all of 30 seconds to make both phone calls. Do it.


  1. What about all the APS, GSU and even Woodward students who depend on MARTA to get to school?

  2. left messages for both the gov and the little gov.

    the metro area should just become the 51st state. so many of the legislators representing the rest of the state seem to have so much disdain for us- I'd be curious to see what GA looked without ATL. They might end up missing us w/o our contributions to state coffers...


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