Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unintended consequences

The Atlanta Regional Commission is considering funding MARTA's budget shortfall this year:
A committee of the Atlanta Regional Commission on Thursday recommended that ARC divert up to $25 million in stimulus funds to MARTA to meet operating shortfalls. The money had been intended for long-needed metro Atlanta transportation projects.
One way to view this is the law of unintended consequences. GOP leadership representing the suburbs and exurbs refused to give MARTA basic operating freedom, thinking they were just screwing Atlanta, because, hey, who gives a flying fuck about Atlanta? Certainly not House Majority Leader Jerry Keen, who lives closer to Disney World anyway.

They probably weren't expecting the money to come from ARC funded projects affecting other parts of the metro region. The AJC article doesn't say which particular projects would otherwise get the money, but the ARC handles matters affecting the entire 10-county metro region, not just the city of Atlanta. I suppose they could try to scrap projects affecting only Fulton and DeKalb, but I hope they target projects in say, Paulding County. Near Dallas. If they have to cut stuff in DeKalb, I hope they go after anything specifically in Jill Chambers' district.


  1. screw dallas. i say they take everything from paulding county.

  2. Wow, read the press release on the ARC website. Not everyone may agree with Sam Olens on everything, but he is demonstrating fair-headedness and willingness to lead in a time of highly constrained resources and appalling irresponsibility at the state capitol. He has talked before about a governor's run, and between a potential (R) candidacy there and a (D) run from Roy Barnes, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce most likely has a candidate to endorse. Looks like the region might be taking matters into its own hands.

  3. Yeah, the more I think about this the more I see it as a bit of a power move by Sam Olens. And a very effective one, at that.


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