Thursday, May 7, 2009

Further stupids as the GOP primary battle lurches to the right

Karen Handel apparently does not like the Voting Rights Act:
While the creators of the VRA were noble in their intentions, the continuation of its control exists for the sole reason of Washington bureaucrats control over the people of Georgia and other states – especially those that tend to vote for Republican candidates.

This is not about fairness or competency. Georgia has proven that time and again with its election fairness. Rather it is to gain a political advantage through what Democrats call the “administrative firewall” of elections...
Let's see... Georgia has a Republican controlled House of Representatives, a Republican controlled state Senate, a GOP Lt. Gov, a GOP Gov, a GOP Secretary of State, a majority of the Congressional delegation are Republicans, both US Senators are Republicans, and GA has voted for the GOP nominee for President since 1992. Yeah, man, the VRA is really giving the Dems a political advantage in Georgia.

Nevermind that since the VRA the South has trended consistently to the right and towards the GOP, Barack Obama's wins in NC and VA notwithstanding. I could say more, but this was really the only point I wanted to make. Ed Kilgore makes good point at the end of the linked article, anyway.

UPDATE: I should point also to the entire Kilgore article. It makes the case for the VRA much more cogently than I ever could.

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