Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lazy blogging

I'm done with school for the semester, and I'm just not motivated to post much.  Instead, I'm just going to link to Downhome Traces, which posted a neat little video about a 1925 movie set in part in Atlanta.  There is some great old footage of downtown Atlanta, and a lengthy discussion about Decatur Street.  

Also worth checking out is a video with George Mitchell, author of the fantastic book Ponce de Leon.  The book has incredible pictures, as well as a ton of interviews with people who used to live on and around Ponce.  Mitchell opens the book with an explanation about what makes Ponce, well, "Ponce".  He says that it is in many ways the fact that the establishments on Ponce were special, and that going to them was an experience that you couldn't really replicate anywhere else in the city.  He mentions Mary Mac's, but also Plaza Drugs and the Majestic.  Obviously Plaza Drugs is gone, and I don't think the Majestic is a special experience anymore.  But in many ways, Ponce is still a very unique piece of Atlanta.  

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  1. That first video was very cool, thanks for linking to it.


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